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!!!Please read this before you order!!!

!!!New Boxes are made in America!!
!!No more china made boxes!!
In an effort to improve quality of video service WiFi IS NOT SUPPORTED and never really has been WiFi has always been best effort and we do not nor have we ever recommended it we at beyond have found a solution to getting internet to your TV boxes they are Ethernet over power line adapters and can be found on amazon starting at around $40 for 1 pair you will need 1 adapter that connects to the router and then 1 adapter for each TV you hook up!! this will deliver the internet to the TV box and no WiFi issues

Fire your TV provider and start to enjoy watching TV again.

Do you already have a TV box?
Not to worry we can most likely reload it and get you working with Beyond’s Services!


?Are you fed-up with over priced television service?
(no we are not satalite TV we are simple and easy to use internet based TV)
Did you know that cable rates are not regulated by the fcc. In recent weeks cable and satellite providers have announced more than $1000 annual increase to your current bills!!

So your first though is this is another scam or joke its to good to be true i see it everyday. Week after week I hear it all the time.
We Have been enjoying watching TV like this for many years now.
We want you to enjoy the same savings and services i have in my own homes.
We also hear the same thing over and over why are you different then so in so or what makes you better?
To answer this up front we are not better!
We are different because we are here to help you every step of the way.
We provide you with our knowledge. To help you get the most out of this. We provide support where others will not or just do not or will not call you back! that’s not us we do not do business like that not now not ever you are not just getting micro TV computer your getting our expert knowledge and experience to help guide you with this.

Is your TV Service bill too high?
UN-bundle and still save!
Cut the cord and keep all your services!

Our exclusive TV services allows you to drop the video portion of your current package or stop paying for Netflix, Hulu and other On-Demand streaming services! Start getting more…I mean way more for a lot less!  All starting at $20 per month per device!
(discounts may apply on multiple devices on the same account)
our simple and easy to us system may allow you to access all of your favorite shows.

How to stop paying monthly for a home Phone

Let us here at beyond HD IPTV show you how to UN-bundle and save like getting get your home phone for free! Yes, I said free! You will have a 1 time purchase of equipment and a number porting fee.  So for about $90 we can show you how to get phone calls free at home.  You can even move it to a new location at no additional cost!!

All Services suggested by Beyond HD IPTV Require you to have an active internet connection with a minimum of 50 Mbits down stream!
(on average an HD video will use 4.5 Mbits per second per stream viewed)

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the Best there is!
the best

We signed up a few months back and WOW this is some of the best stuff out there loads of help and inexpensive!

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Exclusive Monthly Membership!

This will help you access all of the live streaming internet content from the easy to use interactive program guide.  This is an awesome alternative service to help fill all of your viewing, and entertainment needs. We offer only the best internet television solutions. .

We genuienely want to help you have the best interactive experience with your television.


How Do i Become a member?

either buy an Android TV box or Have one of our experts install our app onto your current Android tv box. 
its that simple then you may access all the internet based TV you want to watch