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Beyond HD IPTV

We here at do not intercept, decode, decrypt or re-transmit / re-stream any signals either from cable or satellite. We buy the feeds at wholesale and then pass the savings onto you as our club members.

Beyond Live TV Addon

*** NO Contracts (can cancel at any time)
*** Joining is simple either buy a box from us or have us place the app on your current box that’s it you are a member!

We are pleased to announce Beyond HD IPTV now offers more then 1 service provider for service!
you may choose 1 or the other for a cost of $20 per month or you may have both for $30 per month 
Single feed service is $20 per month, (per device) 
Dual feed service is $30 per month.(per device)

Nitro IPTV / Nitro TV

Features of Nitro IPTV /Nitro TV

*** Over 2700 Channels (from  various countries:  USA, UK, Brasil, Canada, Mexico, Latino, Portuguese, Spain)

*** Most channels are 1080p with 2 sources to choose from 1080p vs 720p

*** Lots of 24/7 channels (english & espanol) – over 140 in total and still adding

*** Catch up being added so you never miss your shows/news/games

*** Please see the channel list above for a sample of what is available at this time

TV 66

Features of TV 66

*** Over 900 Channels HD/SD (from  various countries:  USA, UK, Brasil, Canada, Mexico, Latino, Portuguese, Spain)

*** Over 3000 HD Movies On-Demand

*** Adult Channels as well as an Adult On-Demand Section<br> (Password Protected) 


 ***No Refunds; repeat NO REFUNDS after your account is made!!
*** Do NOT BUY if you don’t understand what IPTV is.
*** Internet is required for this to work! We are not responsible for slow or poor quality internet service stopping you from using IPTV.
*** Streaming TV is not perfect or better than cable or satellite TV but better than other free services. (still cheaper)
*** Beyond HD IPTV has no right or any say so on what goes on at Nitro IPTV or TV 66. We are not responsible for channels going down/freezing!
*** If you’re not sure if you can get it working or if this service is right for you, we provide a Nitro demo x 24hrs for $5 (no refund)
(All DEMOs are disabled during PPV events; trial time starts as soon as email is sent.)
*** We don’t do auto-renew; If you want to extend your service message us and we will setup auto invoicing via square and you will need to pay this invoice before the account auto ends or your streams will go dark.
*** If it is your first time buying Nitro / TV 66 Streams please allow up to 24 hours (depending on how busy we are) for an email to be sent to you with your activation info.

You can either click Any of the circles to setup your Internet TV or you may click the button below to be taken to Square!

Plans start at $20 per month Plus tax
1 Month of Guide Access

Plans start at $60 per 3 months plus tax
3 Months of Guide access

Plans start at $120 per 6 months plus tax
6 Months Of Guide Access

Plans start at $240 per 12 months plus tax
1 Year Of Guide Access

Please visit our store on Square to complete your transactions via their secure payment system

you are gonna want to open this page from the web browser on your TV box and then click the button below to download the apk needed to install our app onto your device

by subscribing to these services you take full responsibility for any content you may watch.

Please be advised that once your subscription is active for what ever time period you have choosen there are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances!!!
 Payment for service is due before activation.

(some feeds may contain questionable content user discretion is advised)