Making the move!

Did you buy a TV box from another place or person?
That’s ok we here at Beyond IPTV will take you under our wing and help you get back to watching and enjoying TV like you wanted to when you started out!
Here you will find the applications you need to place on to your box to get going!
(your not stuck like chuck and fat out of luck!)

!! Remote Support !!

Before we get started your gonna need to setup a way we can help you via remote support there are 2 parts and both have to be installed or it will not work correctly

I am currently working on something very big HUGE in fact and if it all works out i will be posting it here!
I am currently testing installing an app to roku to allow for our services to work we are also testing the app on new roku tv’s and if this works and works well we will have instruction on how to add the app to the tv or box and access out cable alternitive services!

First we will need to install teamviewer quick support, click on the teamviewer quicksupport yellow text and download to your box and install it


Next we will do the same thing with the addon to allow us to run it properly on your TV box now download and install the addon




I want an alternative to cable!

YES it will work on your Fire Stick and Fire Box

This section is a little more involved. 
First you will need to visit the internet TV section and pick a membership level. You will then pay for this via the Square portal or you will need to call us so an invoice can be created and emailed out to you. Once it’s paid we will be able to setup the feed 

Click the image below to be taken to Square to pick and pay for membership.

In order to access the feed you need to download the Beyond live emu app below and install it.


Once this is installed you will need to contact us so we can remote into your box via the app you should have already installed above and we will setup and activate your cable alternative services.

All services are auto invoiced not auto billed for the time period you have selected.

I want your version of kodi

This will not run on a Fire Stick!
However it has been tested and will work on a firebox setup will have to be done differently and you will need to contact us to do the setup!

Media center Kodi like service.

This is a 2 part setup first part can be done by you,

You will need to download and setup ftmc media center.
(click the yellow ftmc)


Once this is installed you will need to contact us so we can use the remote app to complete the setup. There is a 1 time $50 fee for setting this up no exceptions.

This Media center is well maintained and updated on a weekly bases. We take the time to remove what has stopped working and then find suitable replacements for what is removed so that you get to keep enjoying.