Replacement Wireless Keyboard Remote

Mini Wireless Keyboard / Remote Control

This is the same keyboard you received with the streaming TV box.  We have tested a few different wireless keyboards, and this one works the best. This wireless keyboard also functions with any Android TV Box, HD player, Web TV, MiniPC.

  • Wireless keypad  2.4GHZ 
  • “Line of sight” not required to use the keypad with the box
  • High sensitivity touch
  • Mini QWERTY 92-key keyboard multimedia control keys and PC gaming control keys
  • Automatic sleep / wake patterns
  • Ergonomic handheld design is easy to carry and operate


  • The battery will come installed the wrong way to save it from losing charge while in transit.
  • Remove battery and flip it around, and install it properly
  • Next, plug the USB dongle next to the battery into the USB port of the TV Box
  • Fn+F6: Open or Close Keyboard (Backlight/ Backlit if equiped)
  • Fn+Space:Speed up the mouse move
  • Fn+F11:Full screen to browser
  • Fn+F1(RF): Activation keys

$20 Each Plus Tax

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